Proper Maintenance and Care for Granite And Marble Slabs Popular in GTA Homes

Proper Maintenance and Care of Granite and Marble Slabs Popular in GTA Homes


Many homeowners choose granite and marble slabs popular in GTA homes for the impeccable beauty and elegance that they can bring to any living space. Whether implemented as a floor or countertop, natural stone surfaces can add to the aesthetic appeal of any home, driving up its resale value. However, it can take a lot of work to maintain the original beauty of the stone. To keep the granite and marble slabs in your GTA home looking like they did the day you installed them, it is important to take the necessary precautions and measures to care for them. Part of this due diligence involves understanding what can potentially harm your surface. Granite and marble are both hard and very durable stones, able to last a lifetime in your home with proper maintenance and care. However, both of these types of surfaces are not impervious to physical damage and natural wear-and-tear.


Granite is the more durable of the two surfaces. More resistant to scratches, stains and heat than marble, granite has become very popular as a utilitarian surface in many kitchens and bathrooms. Many people who own granite or marble countertops are very weary about the best way to go about cleaning their natural stone surface. While some people believe that you need special cleaning solutions or household cleaners, this is not the case. Whether you are worried about disinfecting the surface or leaving a streak-free shine, here are some tips that will help you maintain the beauty of the surface of the natural granite and marble slabs in your GTA home.


Start by Removing Loose Debris


If you’re cleaning up after preparing a meal or you just so happened to have a bite over the counter, start by removing any crumbs, garbage or loose debris that may be on the surface. By removing the loose debris, you will prevent any materials from etching or staining your surface while cleaning.


Blot Spills Immediately


Blotting spills is different from wiping spills. If you choose to wipe a spill on a natural stone surface, you will be at risk of spreading the spill to different areas of the stone, increasing the potential for damage. Blotting up spills involves simply letting a cloth absorb the liquid. In doing so, you are absorbing the liquid as quickly as possible (before your stone surface does) without spreading the spill.  


Use a Wet Cloth and Mild Dish Soap


Now that your surface is clear, it is ready to be cleaned. Use a damp cloth and mild dish soap to clean your surface. Flush the area with plain water and a mild dish soap and rinse several times. For a streak-free shine, try using a microfiber cloth to dry the area.


Marble countertops are more susceptible to etching (scratching) as a result of coming into contact with acidic foods or liquids. It is especially important to take care of your marble surfaces in this manner, rather than using any potentially harmful household cleaners. Granite and marble slabs popular in GTA homes give Toronto homeowners the elegant beauty and appeal of natural stone. These stones are durable enough to last a lifetime for interior home use, and with proper maintenance and care, you can preserve their beauty for years to come.